David Wallace is a self-confessed inventor who has always looked for a better way. He enjoys trying to answer simple problems with simple solutions – like developing a better door stop that not only cushions the door on contact, but catches it and locks it in place, rather than leaving it swinging in the wind.

After many months of trialling, and in true kiwi fashion out of his back shed, David arrived at the Slamclunk design. It is a simple robust door stop that can be fixed in place for almost any door type, from French doors, heavy entry way doors to any interior door – Slamclunk will protect doors and walls from slamming impacts.

Robustness and simplicity are standard in every Slamclunk door stop, with the unique patented design built around quality components, including high grade stainless steel and quality industrial nylon.

Design and quality are standard within every Slamclunk, and flexibility also comes standard – Slamclunk door stops can be adapted to almost any door placement. Standard installations will work for most doors that fold back to the wall – for those tht don’t floor mounted attachments are the solution, and for doors obstructed by wall mounted objects, there is a wall mounted solution. Thousands of satisfied Slamclunk buyers testify to the many situations where Slamclunk works year in, year out.

With its unique foot activated release, the Slamclunk is the rattle free, soft touch, high quality solution to all door fastening needs.

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