Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Door Catches be used for both internal and external use?

Yes, they are ideal for both internal and external use.

Are the Door Catches designed to work on bi-fold doors?

Yes, they work great on bi-fold doors.

Can the Door Catches be powder coated?

No, they cannot but can be painted with an acrylic paint but the standard of finish is up to you.

What colours are your products available in?

Black, Brown, White and Grey.

What materials are the products made in?

They are made of engineering plastic and Stainless Steel – to handle even coastal conditions.

How deep are the door stops?

They are 90mm deep which protects standard door handles from puncturing the wall or window.

What is the length of the wall mount extension bars?

The extension bars are 160mm long but can be shortened during installation ( by cutting or drilling deeper).

What is the height of the floor mount extension bars?

When installed following basic installation instructions, the height of the extension is 130cm high to the centre of the doorstop